Gold Package

[not available for purchase. unless you really want to pay 999.99 please visit www.leanmomfitness.com for our updated programs)

  • A 60+ page ebook (“The Milk Made Manual”) providing a detailed guide to postpartum nutrition and weight loss while lactating
  • Strategies for meal planning, while taking into considerations your unique lifestyle and dietary restrictions
  • An overview on postpartum hormones and how it affects weight loss, lactation, emotions, and energy
  • Recommendations for postpartum exercise and pelvic floor recovery
  • Strategies to boost lactation and establish a routine for your breastfeeding goals
  • A guide on the recommended supplements to take while breastfeeding
  • Sample recipes with macro breakdowns, including vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, and gluten-free
  • **Unlimited** use of the custom breastfeeding weight loss calculator for the duration of your child’s breastfeeding journey!