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Adjusting to life after baby can be a struggle for many of us. No matter the advice we get, the books we read, or the classes we take, it seems that no one is every truly prepared for what we face after our babies are born. Whether it is your first child or your fourteenth, the entire pregnancy and postpartum journey is a crazy roller coaster ride of joy, frustration, fear, celebration, pain, strength, feelings of being overwhelmed, and feelings of isolation.

Through pregnancy and lactation, our bodies are no longer just ours; we are responsible for growing, nurturing, comforting, and attending to a completely dependent baby. All our plans are up-ended with unexpected NICU stays, milk protein allergies, lip/tongue ties, pelvic floor dysfunction, or an ever fluctuating supply. And we do all of this while trying to recognize our new selves. Our new bodies. Our new reality.

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Mamas that are Milk Made

Mamas that are Milk Made

What You Get

The Milk Made Macros™ program is designed to offer an economical alternative to custom breastfeeding macros and individualized coaching. With your 60+ page e-book, you will receive:

  • A fully customize macronutrient target
  • An introductory guide to macros
  • Strategies for meal planning, while taking into considerations your unique lifestyle and dietary restrictions
  • An overview on postpartum hormones and how it affects weight loss, lactation, emotions, and energy
  • Recommendations for postpartum exercises and pelvic floor recovery
  • Strategies to boost lactation and establish a routine for your breastfeeding goals
  • A general guide on the recommended supplements to take while breastfeeding
  • Sample recipes with macro breakdowns, including vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, and gluten-free

A note from Kristina:

“As you may have heard, my Milk Made Macros website and calculators were compromised for some time being. I thank you for your patience and support while I worked to fix that, as well as while I continue to try to pick up the pieces and make the website and calculator perfect for you. In the pipeline, I had plans to:

  • allow further customization of your macros with the ability to adjust splits based on carb/fat preferences
  • offer tiered pricing options with an ability to use the calculator multiple times as macro adjustments are needed
  • reward you for referrals


**UPDATE** I appreciate all of the patience and support you have provided as I have gone through the growing pains of creating this calculator. As a thank you and a show of gratitude, I have decided to provide all current members, as well as new members that sign up during this period of growth, unlimited use of the calculator to allow for re-calcs and revisions for every phase and change that occurs during your current breastfeeding journey. Thank you for trusting in me.

At this time, the website is allowing unlimited use of, and access to, the custom macro calculator. The program was intended to only allow for restricted use. I encourage you to use this to your advantage because I do not know when this feature will be lifted, and it will likely occur without warning. All that I ask is that you do not share your account or run numbers for other people. I get a daily report of logins and every result that the calculator produces is saved in my database along with the input data. If I see that activity involving repeated calculations for babies of different birthdays and with different personal stats, I will consider that stealing and will delete your membership with no refunds.

For those that might not understand this policy, please realize that I have spent (and lost) thousands of dollars to have the custom calculator built. It cost money to have the free baseline calculator built, as well. For a small business owner working for herself, I have to protect my investment and the products that I worked years on creating.

Thank you so much for your support!”

Please note that while this program serves as an alternative to coaching, it is not a substitution for coaching or lactation consulting. The program should be used for educational purposes only, and should not be considered to be medical advice, replace medical advice, nor be used to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any disease, condition, illness, or injury. It is highly recommended that you receive full medical clearance by a licensed physician.


Resources & Guides

Free 9-Week Postpartum Workout Programming

Before performing any exercise program, please consult with a doctor or other qualified professional for approval.

Mini Milk Made Book of Recipes

Let this mini book of macro-friendly recipes help get you started.

Milk Made Meal Plans

Need some inspiration on how to build a simple but easy to adhere to meal plan?